Friday, July 29, 2016

Gorgeous Grunge Meets Weather Together Sympathy Cards

You know those cards you need to make-those sympathy ones? I'm always so grateful that I don't need a lot of them, because that means no one I know is struggling or suffering. But...It's just part of life, and when those times come, it's so important to be there for the ones we love when they need to be surrounded by love the most. I have a family member who got some pretty bad news and though they're probably one of the strongest people I know, they are also human and are not immune to pain. We all handle it differently, but in the end, it's not something we should struggle with alone. So I will be whatever they need during this time.

I decided to get in my craft room the moment I heard the news and share my gifts (as if that would be if any REALIZE help), and make a few cards for them. The first is for my family member to give to our friend, who just found out they have bone cancer and very little time left to live. The second card is for the person closest to him. My heart aches for both him and all who know and love him, and I'll be continuing to send prayers of healing and comfort.

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